18U, 14U, 12U and 10U Tennis   -    Beginner, Intermediate Level & Advanced Level

  • Teams are co-ed and 2 courts are used per match though exhibition matches are encouraged.
  • Each team must register a minimum of 3 boys and 3 girls but preferred are 4 boys/girls per team
  • No more than 6 boys & 6 girls per team are recommended.
  • Each team match consists of SIX (6) individual matches played in order of:  Boy’s  Doubles, Girl’s Doubles, Boy’s Singles, Girl’s Singles, & 1 Mixed Doubles


  • Players must be age eligible through August 31st, 2020 (Seasons include Fall 2019, Winter 2020 & Spring 2020)


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  • Recruit players and parents.
  • Complete online background check – VERY IMPORTANT TO DO BEFORE MATCHES BEGIN
  • Inform parents of USTA membership requirement and benefits.
  • Give league registration dates, fees and instructions to parents.


  • Establish days and location for practices/clinics
  • Communicate fees and schedules to parents and children


  • Try to get a “Team Mom or Team Dad” to bring drinks or snacks and help with transportation or carpooling.
  • Teams are responsible for own transportation.  It is recommended to try to recruit parents to handle carpooling to practices and matches.


  • Each team should designate one team manager for each match (Captain/Coach Duty)
  • Encourage good sportsmanship and appreciation for teammates and coaches. 
  • Require your players to shake hands with each other after the match.


  • Home team should enter scores on TennisLink and the visiting team should confirm the
  • scores.  Be sure to confirm the scores before match is completed.




  • Area Coordinator will schedule Matches using TennisLink Scheduler computer program.
  • The schedule will be available on TennisLink and will include the dates, times and location of all matches.


  • Lineups should be exchanged between the opposing captains before the match begins.
  • No substitution may be made in an individual match after the warm up has begun, except for illness, injury, or no show of a player prior to the start of the match. (i.e. the first point has not been played.)
  • If no substitution can be made within 15 minutes, that position will be forfeited.


  • Weather conditions that shall authorize the cancellation of a scheduled match are lightning, rain or severe temperatures (a temperature of 40º or colder, or a temperature of 100º or more with heat index including humidity). 
  • If there is any question about weather, please call April Gift (717) 574-4841
  • Make-up matches should be played as soon as possible or rescheduled within a week.  This does not mean that the match has to be played but rescheduled.  Please give new date to Coordinator so the schedule can be updated.
  • Both captains should agree on the makeup day, time and location.
  • Please sign up for www.rainedout.com  and enter organization of Lowcountry Junior Team Tennis, follow instructions for either receiving text or email about inclement weather and if courts are not playable  - give this information to all team member parents
  • Inclement Weather During Play: In the event inclement weather occurs after play has begun, completed individual matches will stand as played and incomplete matches must be resumed by the same players at the exact game and point that existed when play was halted. Suggestion: write match details (score, server’s name) down as players leave the court.  If matches have to be played individually with the same players, please do so if using several dates to complete.  If a match has not begun, players can be changed on that particular court if playing on a different date.


  • If both captains agree, a match may be rescheduled due to a majority of players being absent from league play.   A reminder that you can play a match with 2 boys and 2 girls in the Lowcountry local league but you must have on your roster 3 boys and 3 girls to continue onto States. . Players must have played 2 matches on 2 separate dates (forfeits do not count as a match played) for qualifying for States. 


  • Winners will be determined by total games won at the end of the season. The team who has accumulated the most will win their division.  
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the season, the tie shall be broken by the first of the following procedures that does so:
    • Head to Head.
    • Least number of games lost
    • Most number of sets won


  • Winners of the Local League at each division will advance to State Championships. 
  • Each player must have a history of a minimum of two local team matches played on two separate dates on the team advancing from that season and be age eligible through August 31st.  Qualifying teams must have a minimum of 3 girls and 3 boys, registered through TennisLink Team Tennis and have local match results recorded in the system to advance to the Championships.  Only one player can be substituted for playoffs either boy or girl if your roster drops below 3 girls or 3 boys.